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You can make a difference

Victoria Arlen, Founder/ Co-Chair of the Victoria's Victory Foundation created this foundation to help others around the world achieve their victories. While Victoria was living in a physical vegetative state, her mind was very much alive; at time she made a commitment that if she got her second chance at life, she would dedicate her life to helping others. As a young woman that trained an worked endless hours to overcome her obstacles with the support of her family and those close to her, she wants to provide others with their own support system; Victoria's Victory Foundation.

Victoria's Victory Foundation

My mission is simple, help others.  Through the Victoria's Victory Foundation I want to help people achieve their own personal victory.

I was blessed with a support system that enabled me to choose strength everyday to face my reality, embrace the struggles living with mobility challenges can present, work hard to defy those challenges and to have the ability to conquer them.

By offering other's support to get the medical devices, training & recovery sessions, home & vehicle adaptions they need to lead more independent lives, VVF is helping to provide HOPE and helping to improve the lives of those living with mobility challenges.

When you are struck with a disability there is no manual given to you, VVF serves as a resource to a community that is often overlooked because they are disabled.  We want to empower people to be their best, gain their strength and change their course to be able to lead impactful lives.

Join us to help make a difference in the lives of other's by supporting our mission. Learn more and donate at