Rock Your Disability!

Colours Wheelchairs NHOne of the things I find in having a physical disability is that people tend to treat you differently. But in reality, people that have disabilities are not much different from those who don’t. It’s just that our obstacles are obvious!

Not having the use of my legs has made things challenging, but what I have gone through has taught me perseverance and patience. Obstacles are obstacles-whether it’s a wheelchair or any other circumstance that stands between you and your dream.

My message to all that will hear it, is don’t let your limitations define you…my wheelchair does not define me. Don’t focus on what you don’t have…use what you do have.

I may not be able to use my legs, but my arms are strong enough to break four World Records in the sport of Swimming. Above all, don’t ever lose hope.
If you must, readjust your goals.

Surround yourself with family and friends who will believe in you and encourage you to press on. Whatever your obstacle – physical or anything else – face it, embrace it, defy it, and conquer it and “Rock Your Disability!”


Modeling / Acting

Acting has always been something I enjoy doing – from dance recitals to local theatre and school drama presentations, I guess I’ve always been somewhat of a “ham” in front of a camera!

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I love the Bruins!

I have loved sports since as far back as I can remember. Swimming was my big sport growing up, but I have been involved in every sport imaginable- soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, skiing, biking and even dancing.

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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

I would love to have the opportunity to speak at your community event, charity or school to share what I have learned about how to “Rock Your Disability” and overcome the challenges you are facing to come out on top.

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