Acting: I've always been somewhat of a "ham" in front of the camera.

Acting and Modeling

Acting has always been something I enjoy doing – from dance recitals to local theatre and school drama presentations; I guess I’ve always been somewhat of a “ham” in front of a camera! As a little girl I played games with different scenes and characters and would constantly dress up and immerse myself in imaginary worlds with different scenes and characters all in a story. After many people discouraged my ideas of becoming an actress, I knew I was capable of achieving anything.

When I got paralyzed and came close to losing my life I realized how important it was to follow your dreams and pursue your passions. Life is too short to not be doing something that makes you happy.What I really like about acting is the concept of completely immersing myself in a character – especially one that is the opposite of who I am. Aside from the memorization of lines in a script, acting involves visualization – a creative use of imagination to become fully convinced that I am that character I’m playing on stage or on camera.

ModelingModeling is the same way because I’ve always enjoyed fashion and taking pictures and seeing the finished product. Fashion is a passion of mine I love dressing up and taking pictures. Sounds cheesy but I love it! I hope to pursue a career in the print modeling business and film acting business. I feel that some diversity is needed in this world in both the acting and modeling world.

I believe that a creative imagination is the key to overcoming any obstacle. We’ve all heard the cliché, “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.” You first need to be fully convinced in your own mind, before you can convince others. Imagination can be a powerful tool for accomplishing much good in the world!

Whether it is in front of a camera or on stage acting I love it! Though I’m more comfortable in front of the camera, acting is acting and I’m most happy when I’m performing.

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